Attendance Information

Attendance Hotline


(available before 8:00am & after 4:00pm)


Please call the Attendance Hotline to report an absence with the following information:

    • Say and SPELL your student's last name, first name
    • Student's grade
    • Your name and your relationship to the student
    • Nature of absence, length and date of absence



We make it a priority to keep our students healthy and present in school.  Being sick is not fun, and missing school is stressful for kids and parents.  We need your help to collect important data regarding why students are missing school.  When you call the school to report an absence, we are requesting that the caller report the symptoms the student is experiencing, and if the student has been diagnosed by a licensed health practitioner.  Sharing this information is optional and will be kept confidential. The identity of your student will not be shared with other families. 


Why is this information important to us?

  • Together with our district nurses, we can identify and track health trends across our school site and the entire district.  
  • When multiple cases of the same illness are reported , we determine how and when to send letters and disease fact sheets to specific classrooms and/or the larger school community.
  • We inform families who have students with compromised immune systems.
  • Depending on the illness, our district nurses will determine the need to communicate and collaborate with the Contra Costa Health Services, our public health department.  
  • When we know a specific illness is present in our school community, our custodians can take extra steps when cleaning classrooms, bathrooms and common areas on campus.  

How to report an illness?

  • Call our attendance line by 9:00 a.m. @ 925-927-3578
  • State your child’s name, grade level, and teacher
  • Identify the name of person reporting the absence
  • Describe the student’s symptoms and/or medical diagnosis, optional and confidential

Prevention is an important strategy for keeping students healthy and in school.  Please keep your student home when they have signs of illness such as fever, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea and unusual spots or rash. As always, the number one strategy to help prevent the spread of disease is good hand washing!