Carpool Drop Off Hints

let's be safe

As you probably already know…..even if you are a new Leopard family, one of the big topics revolves around….the parking lot! As a result of the summer bond work, we now have an extended drop-off and pick-up area at school. Let's keep our kids safe and adhere to drop off instructions found below.




DURING SCHOOL DAY - between 8:35 AM -2:10 PM

Parents may park along the white curb to volunteer at school. This helps our Kindergarten families with dropping off and picking up their children at the classroom doors.


7:15 - 8:30 AM  | 2:15 - 3:00 PM

We have very consistent parking lot procedures that we ask all families to adhere to for student (and staff) safety. There are now 3 lanes in our parking lot. Lane #1 is the right hand lane, closest to the white curb. Please pull into this lane when arriving to drop off or pick your child up at school. Continue to move as far forward as you can as cars begin to leave…..STAY IN YOUR CAR. Your children will find you. Lane #2 is the center lane which is used for cars to pull into after having dropped off or loaded their child in Lane #1. As you can imagine….during pick-up time, there are too many cars to fit in Lane #1…..SO if you arrive at school and Lane #1 is full, please pull into Lane #3, the furthest one to the left AND circle into the staff parking lot as a staging area to pull into Lane #1 when space opens up. Thank you for your patience with this new system as we all learn the routine.


Hint: Do not arrive at school to pick your child up until closer to 2:50.


No double parking is allowed…..NO children may walk in between cars to get picked up. Please do not text your friend who is on the sidewalk to bring your child across the parking lot to the car when you are waiting in the staff parking lot.



Historically parents have picked first graders up at the classroom door after school. You do not need to do this… may direct your child to come up to the front pick-up and have them meet you at the car.



Students who stay after school and play on the yard, must be supervised by an adult. We do a sweep of the playground at 2:55 p.m. to ensure that all students are matched up with an adult. Thank you for your support!