Mrs. Castro

Birthday November 16th 




Favorite Color:  

Teal and Red
Favorite Food/Restaurants:   Pizza, burritos, sushi
Favorite Flowers/Scents:  

Star Gaze Lillies 

Volcano Capri Blue


Cooking, working out, family 

decorating my house, and anything outdoors!

Favorite group/recording     artist:   I don't really have one but I like most music besides metal
Favorite Stores:  

Vici, Lululemon and Amazon

Favorite books / author:  

Gillian Flynn

Favorite magazine/Newspaper: 

Sweet July (Ayesha Curry Magazine)

People, and any home decor/back yard design. SF Chronicle

Also likes: 

Trying new things and anything fun! 

Don't care for: 




In her free time, she likes to


Go to a movie  
Read a Book  
Go to a play  
Go to a concert  
Stay home and relax  
Get pampered  
Go out on the town