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Choicelunch Ordering now Available!


Registration for Choicelunch's delicious hot lunch program is now available:  

  • For information or to open a new account, go to
  • Make sure you use your child's full name and current grade.  You may also want to fill out the allergen filter if your child has allergies.  
  • You may place orders for one day, one week, or one month ahead.  You can also set up an automatic order if you wish.  You may place orders from our iPhone app. as well.


About Choicelunch:  


Choicelunch makes yummy nutritious lunches your kids will love!  Check out our delicious entree's including the Yogurt/Muffin Combo, Veggie Egg Rolls, Pizza Pockets, BBQ Chicken Wrap, and Caesar's Chicken Wrap.  Our meals have hormone free meats, poultry, and dairy, no additives or preservatives, and include farm fresh organic produce every day!  The menu and facility is nut-free and offers an array of gluten-free, non-dairy, and vegetarian menu options as well as your child's favorite meals like Mac and Cheese, Chicken Tenders, Buttered Noodles, and Pizza, which is offered every Monday and Friday.  Your child's lunch includes a delicious entree which is made mostly from scratch.  Your child chooses their own snack, fruit/veggie, and drink at school!  Our drinks include 1% fat white milk, low sugar fat-free chocolate milk by Clover Stornetta, and water.  Your child can expect to see snacks like Annie's All Natural Cheddar Bunnies and Pirate Booty.  View a picture of every entree on the website, your child will love picking their own entree's.  


Ordering and Cancellation deadlines?


Ordering deadlines:

  • Standard: Day before by 9am.
  • Late orders may also be placed, from a limited menu, the day of by 6am for an additional $1.50.
  • Limited emergency lunches are available daily on a first come first serve basis.


Cancellation deadlines:

  • Need to cancel your lunch?  Cancel by 9am the school day before for a full credit.
  • Parents can cancel for 50% credit up to 9:00 a.m. the day of lunch.


Lunch Distribution:

Your child will pick up their entree in a recyclable tray.  They will then choose one snack from the snack bin, pick one fruit or veggie from the fruit/veggie bin, and then grab a drink from the cooler.  Condiments will be available at the lunch table.


Customer Service:


Please contact Choicelunch Customer Service at with any questions you might have.


If you'd like to contact the Choice Lunch coordinator from Lafayette Elementary please reach out to Caroline Volk at


Last Updated: April 21, 2019