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PE at Home? 

  • “Hot Spots” – This is a basketball-type shooting game. Place a can or bucket on floor or on table/chair. Place small items around the bucket or can (cups, bowls, spoons, etc). Those items farther away from the bucket can be worth more points and the items closer, worth fewer points. Travel quickly from item to item shooting the “ball” (can be actual ball or rolled up socks) into the can or bucket. You can use an overhand shot or underhand shot or both. If playing with another person, you can add up your points at the end to see who has more or use a timer to see how manypoints you can get for a specific time. Try again and beat your time! 
  • “Tabata” Exercise – Choose 1-8 different exercises and find your favorite tabata song on YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, apple music, etc. The exercise is done for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest. You can choose to repeat an exercise or try up to 8 different exercises. Great exercises would be jumping jacks, pink fluffy stars, burpees, push ups, plank hold, ski jumps, lunges, squats, cross jumps, etc. It’s only 4 minutes of your life! You can do it!! 
  • Just Dance! - You can find different songs and dances on youtube. 
  • Ball Drumming – put a ball into a bucket, bowl, or even cup depending on the size of your ball. You can even use a yoga ball if you have one. Use two wooden spoons, pencils, chopsticks, etc as your drumstick. Make up your own routine to a song or follow one of these on youtube. Here are a couple of great examples: 
  • Cup Stacking – plastic cups work great. You can do a 3x3, 6x6 or 10x10. Here’s a great introduction link: 
  • Team Building Cup Stacking Challenge – try to stack cups using a rubber band and few strings. Attach 3-4 strings to the rubber band and stretch the rubber band to go around the cup. This is great to do with 1-3 partners. 
  • Balloons – fill up a few balloons and keep them from landing on the ground. Use your finger, nose, head, elbow, toe, etc. Get a friend and play balloon tennis with spatulas or spoons. 
  • Kids Yoga on YouTube - 
  • Card Exercises – pick an exercise for each suit. Pick a card out of the deck and do that number of the exercise (example – hearts are jumping jacks. Pick a 7 of heart and do 7 jumping jacks). 
  • Follow Along Dances: 
  • Pick your favorite and bust a move 
  • Have students complete Go Noodle Follow Along Dances 
  • Happy Follow Along: 
  • Practice or learn a popular Line Dance 
  • Cupid Shuffle - 
  • Sid Shuffle - 
  • Tons of at Home Activities and Resources 
  • OPEN Phys Ed - 
  • Activity Log: 
  • Keep an activity log and track your activity over the break from school 

Exercise Scavenger Hunt 

  1. Find a crack in the sidewalk and do 15 line jumps or ski jumps over it. 
  2. Find a bike rack and do 10 push-ups on the bar. 
  3. Find a short wall, bench, or curb and do 10 step-ups on each leg. 
  4. Find a soft spot like the grass or tanbark to do a 20 second plank on hands or 


  1. Find a tree on the ground or curb to use as a balance beam. Go up and down 

the log or curb 5 times. Can you go backwards? 

  1. Find a bench and do 15 tricep dips. 
  2. Find a wall or even a tree to lean against and hold a wall sit for 30 seconds. 
  3. If you find a low enough tree branch or overhang, jump up and try and touch it 

10 times. If you want to make it harder, touch the ground first and then jump up! 

  1. Find a stop sign and hop on each foot 20 times. 
  2. See a red car? Do 10 jumping jacks. 
  3. Find a leaf on the ground and do 10 toe touches. 
  4. Find a daffodil and do 20 high knees. 
  5. See an oak tree? Think of your own exercise to do 10 times.