Mrs. Motes

Birthday October 24th




Favorite Color:  

Light blue, gray, and white, 

Favorite Food/Restaurants:   Cheesecake Factory for birthdays or local Lafayette restaurants (especially Italian/Pizzerias or casual dining)
Favorite Flowers/Scents:   Hydrangeas, white lilies ocean/beach scent candles
Hobbies:   Reading, gardening, hiking

Favorite Sport teams:  

Cal, Giants and Warriors

Favorite music artist: 

Jack Johnson & Coldplay

Favorite Stores:  


Also likes: 

Wine tasting (white wine), peppermint tea, sour candy/gummies, and penguins 

Don't care for: 




In her free time, she likes to


Go to a movie  
Read a Book  
Go to a play  
Go to a concert  
Stay home and relax  
Get pampered  Lafayette Park Hotel
Go out on the town  Napa and Carmel