Leopard Spots, the Lafayette Elementary School PTA newsletter, is generally distributed each Tuesday morning during school weeks of the academic year. The editors will consider submissions to be included in the Community Section from organizations and programs that are deemed to be both enriching and appropriate for the Lafayette Elementary School community. Submitters should clearly state their own name, role and organization to the newsletter editors.  


Please email submissions to by Friday at 12:00 PM for the next Tuesday morning distribution. Submissions received after Friday at noon will be considered for the following week's newsletter. 


Please submit a title and a text paragraph of no more than 150 words (including contact number/email or link) within the body of your email.  Any submission may be edited for clarity or length.  



If you have an image you want to run, either as your entire submission (e.g., flyers, print-style ads, etc.) OR as an accompaniment to your text paragraph (photo, logo, graphic, etc.), it must be submitted in image file format: jpeg/jpg or PNG files only. 

Any PDF files submitted will not run in the newsletter as images.  PDF files, when submitted with accompanying text, may be included as hyperlinks (generated by the newsletter editors) within the text of your piece.


Approved submissions will run for two weeks and then will be removed. You may re-submit your notice if you need it to run again before the event or to re-publicize an ongoing program.  The editors, in consultation with the PTA Executive Board, if necessary, will have sole discretion in determining whether the requirements for inclusion have been met.


Last updated: July 2023