Hi Leopard Families,


I'm excited to welcome you all to the 2020-21 school year. While very little feels certain or “normal” this year, I can say with confidence that our LES community remains strong and ready to support each other wherever needed. I'm so grateful to work alongside our fantastic parents and teachers this year as PTA President.  


We are heading into an unforgettable year, but our goals as a PTA remain the same. We are here to build community, via school events, such as Westival, the book fair, and International Night. We also provide parent education nights, tend the Leopard Garden, run the school lunch program, bring in service opportunities like Toys for Tots and food drives, and create the yearbook. All of these important activities are paid for by your PTA membership and generous support at our fundraisers. As always, we need your membership and participation to help make this school year a success.


The other focus of PTA is advocacy, which is something I'm passionate about. PTA, at the national and state level, lobbies to support legislation and regulations that benefit children and families. At our school, each year we bring information about state funding and education reform to our families during Advocacy Week in October. Stay tuned to learn more about how you can make a difference.


I hope you'll consider joining the PTA and even attending some (Zoom) meetings this year. I believe our school can be even better with more voices at the table, including yours.



Katy Foreman

Lafayette Elementary PTA President, 2020-2021


Katy Foreman