Lafayette Elementary School Garden Team



What: Each year our school garden/ “outdoor classroom” must replenish its supply of flowers, veggies, fruits, etc. and several other items.


When you adopt a plant, you are helping to expand our current garden’s Farm-To-Table offerings and much, much more. Your child will be provided a rock to paint which will lay at the foot of the adopted plant so your family can monitor its growth and our children can learn about the magic of gardening all year long.


Every donation matters and helps fund the gap! 


Who: Anyone can purchase


Where: Online and at our LES Science Fair Booth


When: Anytime


Questions? Comments? Ideas? Want to get involved?


Email us: xxx






We have tons of opportunities for everyone in the garden, our garden team for this spring’s harvest is assembling now. Please sign up and we will contact you to determine what kind of job you would enjoy. All skills and experience levels are welcome!   


You can come play in the dirt with us or lend a hand by wrangling kiddos during Garden Class or some of the non-dirty, specialty jobs we have available. There are so many opportunities to make this outdoor classroom an amazing, enriching experience for our kids. Join us!




General Volunteer Opportunities


Classroom Volunteer Opportunities


If you have any specialty areas, ideas, or just general interest in hearing more please email us at xxx



Who runs the garden?

The LES garden is run by teachers and parents who volunteer their time to keep it operational.


Where does the money go?

Depending on the season, the type of plant can vary. In addition to the actual plant, this also pays for the right soil and fertilizers needed to help this plant grow. Aside from the garden, a portion of every plant donation goes right back into our school’s enrichment programs and bridges the gap to keep our schools amazing. 


How do I Adopt-A-Plant?

Just simply click on the link above to Adopt-A-Plant. Once you complete the transaction, you will have adopted a plant. That’s it! Easy as 1-2-3! You will receive periodic notifications about times when you can come and tour the garden to check on the plants and your children will also be able to check on the plants during Science classes in the garden.  


Who do I contact for more questions about this program?

Please contact our LES Garden Team xxx for questions.



Last Updated: May 15, 2019