Mrs. Abolins

Birthday May 3rd




Favorite Color:  

Blue & Green
Favorite Food:   Fruit, ice cream, chocolate & more chocolate
Favorite Flowers/Scents:   Wild Flowers, citrus
Hobbies:   Reading, walking, playing with the dog and kids, working on the house
Favorite recording artist:   Imagine Dragons
Favorite Stores:  

Old Navy, Target, Bel & Bunna

Favorite books / author: 

Any chick-lit

Favorite magazine: 

Just Labs

Favorite Other Things:   Anything to do with big dogs, especially labs 
Unfavorites:  Chocolate-covered pretzels


In her free time, she likes to


Go to a movie  
Read a Book  
Go to a play  
Go to a concert  
Stay home and relax  
Get pampered  
Go out on the town