LES Leopard Day


Welcome back everyone! We are excited for the new year and our new LES PTA Website!




Did you arrive to this page through regular registration process via a link from Reghub?

Great, grab a cup of tea (or whatever), give yourself about an hour of quiet-time and proceed to REGISTER LES PTA WEBSITE. Will it take an hour? No, but trust us, if you pay attention HARD right now and soak it all in, this year will be a breeze...




Did you happen upon this page and you are ready to register your child to Lafayette Elementary for the 2019-20 school year but don't know anything about Reghub? 

You'll want to take a step back. School registration starts at the District Level using Reghub. You'll follow 3 easy steps asking for 1. LPIE Donation (education foundation for Lafayette), 2. District Forms 3. Back here to complete LES School Level forms. 


Go to Reghub



Welcome to our new Lafayette Elementary (LES) PTA Website using Membership Toolkit. All of the elementary schools in Lafayette and Stanley Middle School have adopted this website management tool so you may be familiar with it. Since it's new to us, first we'll ask you to register and create an account. Signing up with Membership Toolkit is not the same as joining the PTA.  Membership Toolkit is the service that empowers us to make purchases, complete paperwork, efficiently communicate with you, and coordinate our volunteer efforts —all online. The goal is to save time, and work together more smoothly!


Once registered, you can:

  • Join our PTA (and pay dues) online
  • Sign-up to receive important communications (including Leopard Spots weekly newsletter)
  • Complete your directory information
  • Volunteer
  • Donate/Purchase items
  • Access the online directory and app (for PTA members only)
  • Access website content just for our families and members


To create account:

  • Simply Login and follow prompts.
  • Use an email you would like to use for on-going communications from LES (including our Newsletter).
  • Make note of your email and password as you will use it often throughout the year for this site.
  • You will be asked to verify your email address. 




 If you already have a Membership Toolkit account with another organization
you can use the same log-in here. If you are logged in you will see a "Logged In as..." Navigation Menu at the VERY top of the page.



Once you have registered an account with LES PTA Website (Membership Toolkit), you will have access to the forms listed below. The first form will be your Personal Information form. Once this is filled out, the other forms will be made available to you as you will formally be listed as "active". Open each form and follow instructions. Once you complete a form you will either:

  • See a green check mark indicating you have completed that form but can go back and edit info
  • Not see the form again because it's a one time form and you have completed it
  • Continue to see the form again (if it's a purchase form) and you don't want to purchase at this time


Note, you will NOT see ANY forms listed below unless you are logged into this system (see Step 3). 




 (don't see any forms? make sure you are logged-in)



Yay you're done! Now it's time to attend Leopard Day. We will have a list of those who have registered on this website at Leopard Day so you may obtain your teacher. You do not need an email confirmation. If you have not registered on this website, you will not be given your teacher information until you do.


Leopard Day is a chance for your child to come to school, obtain their teacher information, potentially pick up any pre-purchased items and get to know what is happening around the school a little better. It's a nice easy transition before the actual FIRST DAY of school. Parents and kids welcome! Plan to spend about an hour. To help with parking and flow please plan your Leopard Day visit around the times listed below:



Lafayette Leopard Day - DAY, Monday August 12th 2019
2:30pm-3:00pm     Kindergarten Lemonade Day

3:00pm-4:00pm     New Families 

4:00pm-6:00pm     Returning Families


If you missed Leopard Day, contact school office to understand next steps!



OK, DEEP BREATH! This is the actual last step. Consider bookmarking our LES PTA Website (lafayettepta.info) as you'll use it throughout the year to stay abreast of school news. Now you can go back to Reghub for some final pieces of useful information.  Thanks for getting through this process with us and we hope we'll have a fantastic new school year together!

 Back to Reghub





Why am I filling out contact information in Reghub/LSD-Aries AND Lafayette PTA Website?

The Reghub/LSD-Aries is the district level system so things like progress reports. Our Lafayette PTA Website is what we use for our school directory and to communicate ongoing events specific to LES as well as signups and purchases and thus need each family to create an account in this tool regardless of publishing preferences in the directory.  


What is Leopard Day?

  • A chance to obtain your child's teacher information
  • Learn more about LES and various programs
  • Anyone is welcome to attend including your child! 





You're done! Now we hope you continue to make an effort to get involved, volunteer, or just say hi. The more we work together as a community to build an education for our children the better our community as a whole. 


For any questions regarding Lafayette PTA and how you can be a part of your child's school experience please contact Briannon McCurdy, president of this year's PTA at  president@lafayettepta.info


Last Updated: August 17, 2019