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*Calendar will be approved at August PTA meeting

General PTA Membership Meetings:
General meetings subject to change. Please verify on the calendar to confirm the date and time. 

*August 31 | 6:15 pm | School Library | Final Budget & Calendar Approval

*September 21 | 6:30 pm | School Library

October 26 | 6:30 pm | School Library

February 22 | 8:45 am | School Library

*March 21 |  7 pm | School Library

*April 25 | 8:45am | School Library

*May 7 | 8:45 am | School Library

 * Denotes Board Member Mandatory meetings to approve items

Executive Board Meetings:

August 22 | 8:45am | School Library

September 5 | 8:45am | School Library

October 3 | 8:45 am | School Library

November 7 | 8:45am | School Library

December 5 | 8:45am | School Library

January 9 | 8:45am | School Library

February 6 | 8:45am | School Library

March 5 | 8:45am | School Library

April 9 | 8:45 am | School Library

May 7 | 8:45am | School Library



Last Updated: August 2023





Our PTA Executive Board is made up of hard-working parents who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below were elected to provide leadership this year.


Interested in board positions? Contact us!




Co-Presidents:  Ria Di Costanzo & Andi Brown  |  president@lafayettepta.info



VP Vice President:  Amy Truong  |  vp@lafayettepta.info



VP Volunteers:  Effie Casella  |  volunteers@lafayettepta.info



Treasurer:  Kirti Chitnis  |  treasurer@lafayettepta.info



Legislative Rep: Katie Howard legislation@lafayettepta.info



Recording Secretary:  Morgan Bernstein  |  secretary@lafayettepta.info



School Environment:  Jenean Smith  |  environment@lafayettepta.info



Assistant Treasurer:  Tamara Sosine  |  assistanttreasurer@lafayettepta.info



Auditor:  Sam Patath  |  auditor@lafayettepta.info



Historian:  Amy Coombe  |  historian@lafayettepta.info



Communications Secretary:  Jenny McCarthy Redman  |  communications@lafayettepta.info



Parliamentarian:  Briannon McCurdy  |  parliamentarian@lafayettepta.info





Last Updated: August 2023





Advocacy Week

Katie Howard


Sarah Tsai Chao

Roll, Bike & Walk to School

Naomi Renbarger

Book Fair

Andi Brown & Sam Patath

Book Swap

Jenean Smith & Sam Patath

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Brad Foreman

Frozen Friday

Kara Cox & Lorin Bender


Alana Cutler

Green Team

Jenean Smith

Health Screening

Effie Casella

Cultural Fair 

DEIB Committee

Leopard Spirit Wear

Alisha Roeder

Leopard Day

Briannon McCurdy


Hilary Benham Baker, Sam Patath & Mackenzie Kaplan

LPIE Art Fair

Elizabeth Harvey & Courtney Wade

LPIE Gala Rep

Yasaman Baiani

LPIE Science Fair

Sandy Chandler &  Sandra Wai

New Family Walk

Andi Brown & Ria Di Costanzo

NPFH Helper

Brooke Peterson

Odyssey of the Mind

*In the Works*

Parent Socials

Tamara Sosine

Parent Party (Sept)

Tamara Sosine, Anne Foreman & Briannon McCurdy

Pay-to-Play Coordinator

Danielle Edgington

PTA Reflections

Sadie O'Neill

Reservoir Run

Ria Di Costanzo

Room Parent Coordinator

Briannon McCurdy

Run Club

Morgan & Matt Bernstein

School Pictures

Danielle De Torres

School Play Coordinator

Monica Segobia

Social Media Editor

Jenny McCarthy Redman

Spring Family Social

Anna Brill & Jenean Smith

Teacher Appreciation

Amy Coombe & Monica Segobia

Winter Toy Drive

Dominique Mickelson

Walk A Thon

Morgan Bernstein & Effie Casella

Welcome Back Coffee

Andi Brown & Ria Di Costanzo


Amy Coombe


Monica Segobia, Lorin Bender & Briannon McCurdy


Our 2023-24 Volunteer Coordinator is Effie Casella: volunteers@lafayettepta.info


Are the OPEN chairs stressing you out? Us too, let us know you're interested by filling out our Volunteer Interest Form and selecting 'Yes' to open chair positions. Must be logged in to view form.



Last Updated: August 2023




Chartered in 1920, the Lafayette Elementary School Parent Teacher Association is the oldest PTA in the Las Trampas Creek Council. Our PTA has a strong history of providing activities and events that enrich the growing and learning experience for each and every child enrolled at Lafayette School.
Our PTA proudly stands on three pillars: Advocate, Communicate, Celebrate. We support our teachers and staff, we help communicate important information to our families, we advocate for our schools on a national, state and local level and we build our community by sponsoring programs such as Westival Fall Festival and Book Fair, International Variety Night,  Breakfast and Books, Walk-a-Thon, Earth Week, 4th & 5th Grade School Play, and much more.
LPIE ensure our kid's education and enrichment needs are met and provides funds for staff development, information programs, library books, our PE specialist, classroom and school supplies and mathematics and writing intervention specialists.
We encourage you to donate the student one ask amount to LPIE to complete this mission and support the PTA by purchasing a membership/directory, participating at our events and volunteering where it makes sense for your time and abilities. 
Our PTA is completely run by volunteers, giving their time, money and expertise in order to further support goals set by our school and district. These volunteer opportunities are both great and small, and we urge you to get involved, have fun, and support our kids by supporting LPIE and the PTA!