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 Any parent or guardian of a child enrolled at Lafayette Elementary School is eligible for membership. You gain access to our PTA school calendar and online student directory with the option to print at home or download the app to your mobile device. As a member of the PTA, you can vote on PTA-related issues.


Having an account to this website is not the same thing as joining LES PTA. You must become a PTA member to gain access to online/app directory and additional parenting resources. Please log in first to access the form.

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  • Go to meetings? 
    No. Attending general meetings is optional but encouraged.

  • Volunteer or spend a lot of time at school? 
    Nope! Joining the PTA is not the same as volunteering. If you choose to volunteer we would LOVE the help—but volunteering is not required.



Last Updated: July 8, 2020


PTA Meeting Schedule

Currently, all PTA Executive Meetings will be held via Zoom.

Currently, all PTA General Meetings will be held via Zoom.



General Membership Meetings: General meetings subject to change due to Parent Education scheduling.  Please verify on the calendar to confirm the date and time.

September 1 | Time TBD | PTA General Meeting

TBD October  | Time | PTA General Meeting

TBD November  | Time | PTA General Meeting

TBD January  | Time | PTA General Meeting

TBD March  | Time | PTA General Meeting 

TBD April  l Time l PTA General Meeting

TBD May  | Time | PTA General Meeting


Executive Board Meetings:

August 18 | Time TBD | PTA Exec Board Meeting

September 15 | Time | PTA Exec Board Meeting

October 20 | Time | PTA Exec Board Meeting

November 17 | Time | PTA Exec Board Meeting

December 15 | Time | PTA Exec Board Meeting

January 19 | Time | PTA Exec Board Meeting

February 16 | Time | PTA Exec Board Meeting

March 16 | Time | PTA Exec Board Meeting

April 20 | Time | PTA Exec Board Meeting

May 18 | Time | PTA Exec Board Meeting




Last Updated: August 17, 2019


PTA Executive Board

Lafayette Elementary PTA Board Roster 2020-21

Our PTA Executive Board is made up of hard-working parents who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below were elected to provide leadership this year.


Interested in open board positions? Contact us!



Katy Foreman



VP Ways and Means

Marisa Wilson



VP Volunteers

Laura Wehrley




Danielle Edgington



Legislative Rep

Anna Brill




Recording Secretary

Rianne Rocca




School Environment

Dominique Mickelson




Assistant Treasurer

Sarah Lombardo





Effie Casella





Karen Taylor




Corresponding Secretary

Kristin Crotty





Briannon McCurdy




Student Council




Last Updated: July 8, 2020


PTA Chairs and Committees 2019-20


5th Grade Farewell Evening

Veronica Siewert

Advocacy Week

Katy Foreman

Art Enrichment/Reflections

Anna Reid

Book Fair

Rianne Rocca, Izabela Adolphson, Tamara Sosine

Book Swap

Anna Reid

Box Tops


Emergency Prep

Kerin Megibow

Family Weekend Playdates (spring & fall)

Tamara Sosine and Anna Brill

Food Drive

Caroline Volk

Frozen Friday

Kari Speltz, Jennifer Flowers


Jennifer Brown, Angela Ristow

Green Eggs and Ham

Dalia Nishimori and Wei Li

Green Team / Earth Week


Health Screening

Jennifer Rosen

Hot Lunch

Caroline Volk

International Night

Jennifer Flowers, Kari Speltz, Jennifer Fratarcangeli

Kindergarten Reading Night

Kerin Megibow

Kindergarten Summer Playdates

Briannon McCurdy

Kindness Week

Jocelyn Birrell

Leopard Dads

Bob McCallister

Leopard Day

Julie Thornton

Leopard Spots Editor

Briannon McCurdy

Leopard Wear

Effie Casella


Rianne Rocca and Thuy Le

LPIE Art Fair

Kristin Crotty

LPIE Chair

Kim Mcguire, Raina Foster

LPIE Science Fair

Tim Weaver

Mom’s Party

Julie Herbert, Kirsten Curley, Dominique Mickelson, Jocelyn Birrell

Movie Week

Jeannine Lyons, Melinda LaBonge, Maria Weaver

Odyssey of The Mind


Parent Education

Read to Succeed

Courtney Marino, Hazel Blackhart

Kristin Crotty

Reservoir Run

Katie Blair

School Pictures

Joy Wein

School Play Coordinator

Sarah Lombardo

Stanley Advisory Committee

Dominique Mickelson

Teacher Appreciation

Katie Blair, Kari Speltz, Jennifer Fratarcangeli

Toys for Tots

Karen Taylor

Walk to School Day

Jenny Champion

Walk A Thon

Kim Crosslin, Amy Coombe, Naomi Renbarger

Welcome Back Coffee

Kari Speltz, Jennifer Flowers


Dawn Selenbacher, Linda Stammers


Briannon McCurdy, Karen Taylor



Our 2019-20 Volunteer Coordinator is Dominique Mickelson


Last Updated: August 17, 2019


PTA History

Chartered in 1920, the Lafayette Elementary School Parent Teacher Association is the oldest PTA in the Las Trampas Creek Council. Our PTA has a strong history of providing activities and events that enrich the growing and learning experience for each and every child enrolled at Lafayette School.
Our PTA proudly funds or organizes the following enrichment programs: Westival Fall Festival and Book Fair, International Night,  Breakfast and Books, Read-a-Thon, Walk-a-Thon, Earth Week, Character Counts Awareness, 4th & 5th Grade School Play, and the Green Schoolyard Team. Your generous donations to LPIE and our PTA also help fund staff development, information  programs, library books, our PE specialist, classroom and school supplies and mathematics and writing intervention specialists.
Our PTA is completely run by volunteers, giving their time, money and expertise in order to further support the educational goals set by our school and district. These volunteer opportunities are both great and small, and we urge you to get involved, have fun, and support our kids by supporting the PTA!