Our weekly newsletter, "Leopard Spots," is sent on Tuesday mornings, and it is the primary way in which we communicate what is happening at the school.


By having a parent/caregiver account with this website you are automatically signed up to receive the Leopard Spots weekly newsletter email. More Leopard Spots information, including past editions, may be found here.


Although we do not recommend it, you may unsubscribe at any time. To manage your subscription select My Account | Subscriptions from the top navigation of this website (you must be logged in).


Please make sure you check your spam filter to ensure receipt of the newsletter.  


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LES PTA CalendarLES PTA Calendar

You may subscribe to our calendar by navigating to Program & Events | Calendar from the top navigation of this website. The Calendar is also viewable via the Membership Toolkit (MTK) App.


LES Membership Toolkit (MTK) AppLES PTA Calendar

Membership Toolkit is the software we use to create this PTA website, manage our sales, provide informational and volunteer forms, send out our email newsletters and much more. All families must have a Membership Toolkit account regardless of PTA Membership Status - no purchases are required.


The software also has an app available for download from Apple Store or Google Play. By logging into the app with your LES PTA Website credentials you will have access to the online directory (if you are a PTA member), calendar, website, messaging and more.


The app is very handy to have especially when trying to access the directories (available ONLY to PTA members). You can even download a contact straight to your mobile phone!


Please note that the SCHOOL website is NOT a Membership Toolkit website and can be accessed here.



LES PTA Directory & AeriesLES PTA Calendar

Our directory is available only to those that purchase a PTA Membership and can be accessed via the MTK App or online on this website. If you do not see the directory when logged into our PTA MTK Account, you may have not purchased a PTA Membership. Check the Open Forms and purchase your membership to gain access to the directory.


You control what personal information is viewable to others in the directory when you sign up for a Membership Toolkit account. You can edit it at any time.


Editing your contact information or directory-viewing preferences in our LES PTA Membership Toolkit website does NOT update the District-level contact information. During registration, you updated your info for the District using Aeries. You can access Aeries from the home page of the school website.


Aeries controls the District-Level family information and is the tool the school would use in case of an emergency or urgent communication. BOTH should be kept up to date.




Message Boards
LES PTA Calendar

Every school year, each classroom will be assigned a Message Board where the Room Parent will send class-specific communications. You may belong to other message boards such as the Room Parent message board if you become a Room Parent.


Messages from Message Boards do get sent as emails and may also be accessed in this website under Information | Stay in Touch.  Message Boards get created after the start of each school year.

*If you aren't receiving your student's Classroom Community Messages, please contact PTA Communications, so we can help.




Social Media

LES PTA is Social! Please follow our following accounts:


  Instagram: @les_leopards_pta


Twitter: @LESLeopardsK5


 Facebook: @LESLeopardsPTA




Last Update: December 2023