Lafayette Elementary School DEI Group


We envision a welcoming school community, free of bias and discrimination, where every individual can be seen and celebrated for their uniqueness.



To develop contributing, global citizens by integrating the values of anti-racism, advocacy, social justice and equity.



We believe education is the most valuable tool to dismantle systemic oppression and create a sense of belonging for all students. We actively seek to lean into difficult topics related to race and social justice by collaborating with administration, staff, parents and the wider LES community to determine how best to implement constructive changes to our culture and practices at Lafayette Elementary. We seek to promote awareness of current issues that reflect the diverse experiences of our students and the world they live in, and nurture their growth toward positive identities, celebrating them in a safe and inclusive space.


Focus areas:

1. Discipline and policies at the school and district level.

2. Outreach to ignite dialogue with administration, staff, parents and the wider LES community.

3. Multicultural Education and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy support and resource research for teachers. 

4. Enrichment & Extra Curricular to drive cultural awareness and connections.

5. Sponsorship and Donations to fund programs and education.