Movie Week#BeKind21

september  4th - October 2nd

Lafayette Elementary prepares to make Kindness a Habit!


We are partnering with the city of Lafayette and joining Born This Way Foundation on their challenge to make kindness a habit. It reportedly takes 21 days to build a habit, we're making Kindness one of them.


What does #BeKind21 hope to accomplish?
From the Born This Way Foundation: BeKind21 is an invitation to think about and prioritize how you are caring for yourself and how you’re taking care of those around you. We hope #BeKind21 is an opportunity for students, teachers, and families to kick off the new school year by establishing kinder habits that will last all year and for everyone else to head into fall with spirits of compassion and action.


What will #BeKind21 look like at our school?

We will launch our #BeKind21 challenge with a banner reminding our student's to be the "I" in Kind and the "Kid" in Kind. Come by and get your picture taken!


Look for our suggested Kind Acts Poster to help remind you to do at least one act of kindness a day. Pretty soon, kind will be who you are first before anything else!  Our Kind Acts will also be listed on our PTA Calendar.


Your teachers may discuss Kindness and what it means to you in your classrooms.


We will post approved social media #BeKind21 content on our Social Media sites so follow LES and keep in touch!


Facebook: @lafayetteelementaryschool

Twitter: @LESLeopardsK5

Instagram: lafayetteleopardsk5


We will end our #BeKind21 Challenge during our Walk/Roll to School Day, October 2nd with a Kindness Fair.


Kindness Fair

When: Wednesday, October 2nd 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Where: Playground Area

What: Help spread kindness!


The Kindness Fair is a way for our school community to help our larger community. Look for us on the playground and please contribute anyway you can!


We are collecting:



“Just be kind. The act itself is free and it’s priceless.” - Lady Gaga 

If you would like to promote your own acts of Kindness, you can tag your public posts with #BeKind21 and @BTWFoundation who may re-post to help spread the habit of kindness! You can take their pledge here.


Volunteer needs

No specific signup for this yet we just ask that you talk to your kids at home about what it means to be kind, practice acts of kindness yourselves and hold your own family #BeKind21 challenge! 


Questions and Chair Persons

For questions about #BeKind21 please contact:

Jocelyn Birrell, Marisa Wilson

Their contact information can be found in the directory*


*Sorry but we do not publish personal emails on public webpages. PTA Directory is accessible to PTA Members.

 Updated: September 30, 2019