Ms. Melton

Birthday June 27th






Favorite Color:

green and purple

Favorite college / professional sports team:

Oakland A's

Soft Drink:


Starbucks/Peet's Drink:

double tall cappuccino

Salty Snack:

chips and nuts

Healthy Snack:

fruits and cheeses


peanut MnMs

Homemade Goodies:

homemade goodies are my favorite treat

Take out restaurant:

Bluebird Pizza, DJ's Bistro, Rancho Grande (taqueria)

Sit down restaurant:

Dead Fish, Top Hatters, Paradiso, Metro, Lima

Dietary restrictions/preferences:


Teacher supply store or other favorite store:

Lakeshore, Michael's, Joanne's, Daiso, DSW, Sloat

Nail Salon:



traveling, gardening, playing with my new puppy, reading, crossword puzzles and playing games

Fave place for a $5 gift card:


Fave place for a $20 gift card:


Fave place for a $100 gift card:

local restaurants

Your top classroom supply wishes:

a parent, or capable kid, to put together the art drying rack that I purchased last year

2 hummingbird feeders and 2 shepherd hooks for hanging in the back patio

watercolor paper and 30 new sets of watercolors

Not a Fan of:


What can parents do to help you the most?


Anything else you want the PTA to include ?

I was new to LES last year and am so happy to be here! :)