Ms. Semple

Birthday May 20th




Favorite Color:  

Blue and Yellow
Favorite Food/Restaurants:   Any and all Fruit/Sourdough Bread/Japanese Food/Cheesecake Factory 
Favorite Flowers/Scents:   Orchids, winter/fall scents (lavender, vanilla, apple)
Hobbies:   Hiking, running, picnics in parks, anything outdoors
Favorite group/recording     artist:   Country music in general 
Favorite Stores:  

Target, Lakeshore, TJMaxx

Favorite books / author:  

Any growth mindset/mindfulness/self-help/self-monitoring books; I love collecting picture books about these topics for my classroom too!

Also likes: 


STARS, candles, words of kindness/appreciation and positive feedback

Don't care for: 




In her free time, she likes to


Go to a movie  
Read a Book  
Go to a play  
Go to a concert  
Stay home and relax  
Get pampered  
Go out on the town